By: Christian Andrade

What The Colosseum Is

The Colosseum is a form of entertainment, old entertainment. The Colosseum is a old building that was made for entertainment for Romans made by other Romans controlled by Vespasian. The Colosseum construction started in 72 ad and was finished eight years later in 80 ad. The Colosseum is a really interesting building that you will learn about. In this article you will learn about why the Colosseum was built, who was the built for, and entertainment.
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Why The Colosseum Was Built

The Colosseum is built for entertainment for Romans. The Colosseum covers 6 acres of land and is 620 feet long, 158 feet tall, and is 512 feet wide. The Colosseum weighs over 1.1 million tons worth of stone and other materials. The can hold 50,000 people in their seats. The Colosseum was also built to show that they thought Rome was the middle of the world.
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Who Was The Colosseum Built For

The Colosseum was built for important officials, citizens and soldiers, women and slaves, and senators. In the Colosseum there was reserved seating, senators were first, then important officials, and citizens and soldiers, and lastly women and slaves. It was said that the Colosseum was used for over 300 years until it was hit by a earthquake. In the 1990’s people started reconstruction efforts so it could be used by tourist.
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The Colosseum was made so people could watch gladiators fights different things. Gladiators fought other gladiators, criminals, and even wild animals to the death. There are many different types of gladiators from andabatae (Sight restricted gladiators) and Dimachaeri (Gladiators with two swords). There has been hundreds of thousands of fights that have occurred in the Colosseum.
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What The Colosseum Is Now

No and Yes the Colosseum is still intact- the Colosseum is broken in one part but in the other parts the is still in tact but it is still not good enough to have a battle. Some people also have tried to fix the Colosseum not to long ago. People do not still use the Colosseum because it is broken but some tourists still tour the Colosseum and you can to next time you visit Rome, Italy.
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Vocabulary Words

  • Colosseum- A really old building that was made in 80 ad
  • Gladiator- The person that is fighting something to the death
  • AD- AD does not mean "after death" it actually stands for a Latin phrase called "anno domini" which means "before Christ"