Balboa Academy

October 19, 2015

Safety and Security -- our Priority!

During the 1st Quarter, our faculty, staff, and students have all participated in a fire drill and building evacuation. Since then we have met with our local fire department, police officials and U.S. Embassy Security Office to reinforce the steps that need to be taken during an emergency. As a result of our collaboration, we are visited daily by a Clayton police officer on foot patrol. We know that this partnership will be to the benefit of the safety of all of our students. Several of our staff attended a table top exercise with the U.S. Embassy and have brought back suggestions that have been incorporated into our safety and security protocols. This week we are sharing out the protocols with staff and have a dynamic exercise planned to emphasize the components of the plan. After all of our faculty and staff are trained we will continue to have drills during the quarter. In January 2016 our faculty and staff will be trained by a U.S. Policeman on a live shooter on campus situation. This is not to alarm anyone, but it is important for us to know what to do. Readiness can save lives!

High School Principal's Meeting

On Friday, October 9, Balboa Academy High School had its first "Coffee with the Principal." The purpose of the event was to help improve communication between parents and the High School. Topics such as 1st quarter achievements and upcoming events were discussed. Parents were also given time to share their concerns and ideas on how to improve the education of their children.

BA Students Proudly Practice For Panama's Parade in November

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Alonso Edward- Panamanian World Champion Sprinter

On October 7, 2015, the Panamanian World Champion Sprinter, Alonso Edward, visited our Athletic Department and met our track and field students. It was such an honor to have such a distinguished Panamanian athlete on our campus.
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BA APP - Athletic Calendars

BA APP users can access Edline and select only the athletic calendar they choose to see.

1. Go to Edline Calendar
2. Then go to settings and check each sport sub group calendar you would like to follow.


So far we have 697 APP downloads! Spread the word and help us reach 1000 downloads. Remember, this is a super way to receive up-to-date information wherever you are.

Dangerous APPs - Social APPs

Parents should periodically review their children's smartphones, Ipads, computers and check the APPs that are being used.

A helpful link to monitor APPs that might be harmful is:
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