All About Cambodia

By: Meagan Riley, Kaylee Rivenbark

Economic system

Money and literacy rate By:Kaylee

The money in Cambodia is called Cambianreil and the literacy rate is 90.4.

GDP per capita and population By:Kaylee

The gdp per capita in Cambodia is 1,006.84 and the population in Cambodia is 15.14 million

Culture ,holidays traditions By:Meagan

Two holidays in Cambodia are Visaka Bachea day and Coronation day. A tradition in Cambodia is dancing
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Food and language By:Meagan

Cambodians eat soups rice and cockroaches. The main language is called Khmer

Religions schools and sports By:Meagan

Vaishnavism Theravada Buddhism is one of Cambodias religions and a school is North Bridge. Two sports in Cambodia are kickboxing and football.
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Why do we pick this place.By:both

We wanted to pick this place because we had never heard about it and wanted to learn about it

Why should you visit here By:both

You should visit Cambodia because it's physical features are beautiful and besides the cockroaches the food looks good.