All About Me

By Rose

My Family

I live in Anna with my mom dad and sister and my pets.MY moms name is Sharykay and my dads name is Rob.My sister's name is also Sabrina and my dogs name is Raptor.And my too other dog's name is Ginger and Raugh.


When I grow up I want to be a fames soccer player.Because I have been praceing for a long time.And also I have been wanting to do this for a long time sice I started socer.

Important Memory

One time me and my family went on a tripe to the pet shop and I found a dog.And when I saw that dog he was outside. but when he saw me I went right to him.And I opened that gate I loved him so much That we took him home.And I named him Raptor.


I have some interests about 2 grade. Because when I want to the office I came back and I went through the 2 grade hallway but then I came though the 5 grade hallway in sted. And also I have another interests about reading because I can't read fast.