The Titanic Sinks

The unsinkable ship sinks in fridgid waters

It was April 15,1912.At 2:20 in the morning the unsinkable ship (The Titanic) hit a iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.The Titanic broke in half after hitting the iceberg and took 2 and a half hours to sink below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean and when it went below the surface of the water it took over 1,500 lives and sunk over 12,000 feet to the bottom of the Ocean.

The steel used to to make the hull of the ship and the rivets used to to hold the hull together were not very strong according to todays standardsThe steel was good quality for 1912.The ship was also speeding when it hit the iceberg.The captain of the ship had to make a very quick turn to try and miss the iceberg.A ship of this size was hard to maneuver and it took great skill to control the ship.