Athletic Trainer

Cole Weber - 8th Hour Science

Overview of Career

  • Work with teams and individual athletes
  • Show athletes exercises that strengthen
  • Try to prevent injuries, may tape knees ankles and elbows
  • Work mostly for high schools, colleges, and professional athlete

Education Path

High School Classes:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Education Costs

  • University of Texas A&M: $13,255 per year
  • Total Tuition: $53,020
  • Total Costs: $92,520
Estimated Costs:
  • Housing-$20,000
  • Food/Groceries-$15,000
  • Gas Money-$3,000
  • Clothing-$1,500
  • Total Tuition-50,000
  • Grand Total Costs-$100,000
Paying for College:
  • Part time job during college and summers
  • Financial Aid and Student Loans
This is a career I would like to pursue

Pros and Cons


1) Work with different sports daily

2)Always in the gym

3)Stay in shape


1)Long Hours

2)Work Weekends

Job Advertisement


“Now Hiring! A new sports training facility is looking for fit athletic trainers to work weekdays and weekends at there new facility. You must know how to train athletes in the certain categories that they need training in. This job requires a Bachelors degree in Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professionals. If anyone that has that type of degree is interested please call this number 920-356-7890!


Do you like working with athletes? Do you like spending a lot of time in the gym? This job in health science is for you! An athletic trainer must have experience in athletics of all different kinds. This job offers up to $64,000 nationally. If you are interested apply for this job today!


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