Turn Left, Turn Right

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About Turn Left, Turn Right

A Chance of Sunshine is other name of the book. The original graphic novel was first published in 1999. The characters in the novel were not given names, both characters were only referred to as "him" and "her". The book consists of a series of detailed illustrated images, with a small amount of text in poetry style. The film has managed to include every single image in the book with a high level of accuracy, although some are fleeting.

Book report (feeling after you read)

The story is very short, but vivid and emotional. This is the book for a gloomy winter afternoon when you're alone, there is only the sound of raindrops on the rooftop and the window panes. Outside, the trees are boney and dark against the grey sky. Dogs don't bark, cars don't run, people don't talk. Don't get yourself a mug of any hot beverage, because you'll only leave it going cold. Don't text anyone before reading, because when they text back you won't reply them. Don't play any music, because you won't know what's going on. Don't plan to do anything serious in the evening, because you won't be able to focus.

I think it is a wonderful story. Brilliant writing style. All you have to do now is to find the right day, the right moods to read it. Never read it under the sun, at the beach, while your kids are laughing or crying; never read this one when you only want to pretend to be busy.

About the author--Jimmy Liao

Jimmy has been a best-selling author and illustrator in Taiwan and Hong Kong for many years. His charming books mix adult issues with whimsical children's illustrations. Told in poetry format, his subjects include beliefs, imagination, relationships, and more. Jimmy's books have captured the hearts of young people. "A Chance of Sunshine" tells the story of a young man and woman who see each other in their neighborhood every day. Despite their seeming interest in one another, they do not take the risk to reach out and speak as they pass. In Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters.
Turn Left, Turn Right