Jackie Robinson Persevers!

By Logan, B period: 3

Robinson has to be strong!

The crowd will taunt Jackie and do whatever it takes, to have Jackie react because hey want him to get angry and lose his job. The crowd doesn't want Jackie to play baseball because he is black. AT that time, they had never been a black professional baseball player before. (294)

Jackie does what is right!

Jackie was at second base. A player from the other team, slides into second base. His spikes, where pointed up and when he slide into second base, his spikes cut Jackie's leg. The player that cut Jackie's leg started to laugh hysterically. Jackie wanted to say something, but he knew, he wasn't allowed to. (295)

Negative Comments

"One of the results of this thoroughly screening were reports from California athletic circles that I had been a 'racial agitator."' (293)

It's not fair!

‘“So there’s more than just playing,’ he said. ‘I wish it meant only hits, runs, and errors-only the things they put in the box score. Because you know –yes you would know, Robinson, that a baseball box score is a democratic thing. It doesn’t tell how big you are, what church you attend, that color you are, or how your father voted in the last election. It just tells what kind of baseball player you were on that particular day.”’ (294)

Book Citation

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