Career Oreintation

Jason Howard

It All Begins Here

Who Am I

My team style is supporter and creator.

Creator- Comes up with ideas

Analyzer- Watches the idea come into play and sees if it will work

Director- Runs the operation and is in charge

Supporter- Helps put the plan into action and works in the making of this idea

We also used colors to show who we are. Gold is a leader type that likes to be in charge. Blue is a caring person who like to help others and can read peoples emotions. Orange is the type of person who is creative and likes to have fun. Green is a kind of like gold, but more of a planner or organizer. I am orange and blue.


One of the first things we did was find out if we were left brain or right brain.

We took a short test to see if we were left or right brain.

I am mostly left brain, I think more creatively and outside the box to solve a problem.

But for right brain people, they think more straight forward to solve there problem and they are more organized.

The Future Ahead Of Me

Highschool Graduation

Graduation is the end of highschool and the beginning of college. I am the class of 2017 and that is when I will be graduating.

What I want to be

Next, we did research on things that interested us about our future and what we want to be.

I decided I would like to do stuff related to drama.

So I decided to be a drama teacher postsecondary.

Acting Techniques for Beginners - Step 1: Emotions

My License Plate

Later we made a drawing of our license plate to show our future career.

Education For The Future

I narrowed down to three colleges I would like to attend for my education.

Arkansas Tech University

I chose to go to Arkansas Tech University for my career college path.

Gpa- required to admit to Tech

School record- required to admit to Tech

Admission test scores- required: ACT scores admitting, 85%

SAT scores admitting,1%

90% are admitted to Arkansas Tech

Here's a link to there website

Arkansas Tech University

Here is some information on Arkansas Tech just in case your interested.