Snodgrass for President

Alyssa Snodgrass


Debt is a complicated thing. No matter what happens you have to pay your debt off. To make sure we have our debt payed of I would higher taxes, but still have them reasonable. I would put a little of our defense on leave, but still have enough to be able to fight back if we have to.
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Native Texans

Native Texans should not have to flee out of Texas just because, so I say let the stay but kept under watchful eyes and to stay on their own land. If one does not follow these they will be executed or forced to flee.

Unruly Army

Should one in the army not follow the rules they will be let off, but because of other issues there will be other people let off too.

Are we Independent

In the past we have had a lot of issues with Mexico, and this is one if them. If elected I will meet with Mexico to discuss the issue of our independence.
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I think annexation is the right thing to do because of everything that just happened with Mexico. It would also be easy to get supplies if we need them from other states, if we became one.
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Slavery is a big deal. I feel that everyone should have their rights and be free. I know it's nice to have free help, but you can also hire or get your family to help you.