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Supporting and advocating for all learners ~ 9.16.13

Flashback Moments

This week I caught a few students, at random, and asked them one question... below are their responses.

Q: What do you think your teachers think of you?

"I think my teachers think I'm pretty smart. They usually smile at me but I haven't ever asked them. I guess I don't really know what they think." - 7th grader

"I think my math teacher likes me - but I think the rest don't like me. That's why I only like math this year." - 7th grader

"My teachers probably think I'm too hyper. Maybe it's because I need to move around once and a while to pay attention - not just sit there all day." - 8th grader

"I love my teachers this year and I know they like me. My one teacher is like an actress, she's so funny." - 6th grader

"My teachers always hate me. I'm not good at school really." - 6th grader

"Some of my teachers like me and some of them don't. I like to talk in class." - 8th grader

As you can see by the quotes that were collected, a student's self image directly ties back to the relationship they have with their teacher. We, as educators, have a profound impact on who our students are as people and as learners. Our actions and comments speak loudly. There's absolutely nothing more important than building relationships with students.


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HERE is a great article on building relationships with challening students

HERE is a resource with some strategies for engagement

HERE is an example of a student survey used to gather information on students to build a classroom community that values student voice

HERE is an article that details what 'student voice' looks like in the classroom


This video was shared this week... any takers for creating a WMS version?

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