Baseball Booklet

By: Lance D

Baseball Terms

Terms for pitchers:

Ace- The team's best starting pitcher.

Closer- The relief pitcher that finishes the game.

Heat- If a player is called the heat that means his has good fast balls.

Picasso- A picasso is a player that has good control.

Southpaw- A left handed pitcher.

Terms for hitters:

Caught looking- This is when a hitter is called on a strike they didn't swing at.

Free pass- A free pass is a walk.

Homer- Slang for a home run.

Whiff- Refers to a strikeout.

Terms for fielding:

Twin Killing- A twin killing is a double play.

Gap- A spot in the field between two defenders.


HR- Homerun.

OBP- On base percentage.

RBI- Run batted in.

SB- Stolen Base.

SLG- Slugging percentage.

SO- Strikeouts.

SH- Sacrifice hit.

HBP- Hit by pitch.

R- Run.

H- Hit.

E- Error.