Elmwood 5th Grade Peek at the Week

Week of May 16, 2022


Students need colored pencils to complete their maps in Social Studies class for the next two weeks! Unfortunately, my supply has dwindled. Please check with your child to see if they need to replenish their supply.

Social Studies - none Get outside and play!

Science - Lego Programming Quiz (Weds 5/18)

Math - None

LA = Practice story for storytelling presentations beginning May 18th


Students in blocks 1, 3 & 4 will be presenting their Favorite Number Project on Monday. Then, all students will be taking the end of year i-Ready Math Diagnostic to demonstrate their mathematics growth throughout the school year. To finish the week, students in blocks 1, 3 & 4 will be completing an Escape Room over place value, while block 2 students will be viewing segments of a documentary about the value of the number one.

Science with Mrs. Peery

This week in Science...

we will continue working on Lego Robotics. We will be diving into more advanced programming and building a different robot called: TaskBot. This next build will allow the robot to be more maneuverable for the next project: RoboArt!

How you can help your child this week at home:

1. Help your child by reviewing the Lego Commands and how to write a (5) box program. Both study sheets will be in their Science Binders. Quiz on Weds. 5/18

Language Arts

This week we will continue reading our whole class novel, "Walk Two Moons" and practice applying our active reading strategies. Students will work on creating their own discussion questions from the book and having discussions in small groups. Students will work on analyzing their short stories and chunking them up into 5 sections of events, they will plan out how they will retell it to the class.

Social Studies with Mrs. Arnold

OUR WORLD .....We're using our map skills to locate and label details of the world. Watch for this beautiful map to come home next week.

EMS Sock Drive May 9 - May 18


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Elmwood Royals 5th Grade

Effective Study Tips

  1. Create a designated study space: Designate a space in your home that is well lit and away from distractions. Have pencils, paper and post-it notes readily available in the study area.
  2. Avoid distractions: Teach your student how to put their computer away and turn off all other devices that may serve as a form of distraction while they’re studying. Multi-tasking also takes away from learning, so encourage your child to focus on a single subject for a sustained period of time before moving onto another subject.
  3. Avoid cramming for tests: Have your learner bring home their binders or folders daily to study a little bit of each subject nightly. This is proven to help with long-term retention of information. Help your student structure a study schedule that will allow them to space out their practice of each subject- a little a 10 minutes of practice a day can help!
  4. Practice for tests: Simply reviewing content before a test isn’t necessarily the best method to ensure your child is prepared for an upcoming test. Instead, encourage them to try more interactive approaches, like completing practice tests or using flash cards. Asking your child review questions and having them provide short essay-style explanations aloud can also be a great strategy to make sure they truly understand the material.
  5. Ask for help: Perhaps your student is struggling with understanding a specific lesson in a particular subject or doesn’t quite understand the night’s homework assignment. When this is the case (and it happens to everyone at some point or another) asking for help is key. Teach your student how to bring up challenges early with a teacher and ask for help—and don’t be afraid to bring up concerns with their teacher yourself either. Teaching your child how to build effective working relationships with other students and asking their peers for help is another important lesson in asking for, receiving, and offering support.
  6. Good nutrition and rest: Ensure that your child has healthy sleeping and eating habits in order to maximize their focus.

Where do I find student homework?

  • Google Classroom
  • Remind App
  • Newsletter

Expectations when students are absent

  • parent called the office or email (jonek@elmls.net) to report the absence
  • absent notes are needed if your child missed school due to illness or vacation for student to take to office when they return.
  • a 5th grade teacher will directly email the student the daily work to complete by 10:45 am
  • check google classroom for assignments
  • turn in all make up assignments
  • students should email teachers with any questions


May 9 - May 18 SOCK DRIVE

May 20 - ROAR Store Open

May 27 - Field Day/ Last Day of School

Help with Back to School 2022-2023

The Wood County Department of Job and Family Services is now accepting applications for the K-12 Fitted for Success program for the 2022-2023 school year. 500 children who live in Wood County will be provided with backpacks filled with grade appropriate school supplies, new shoes and socks and winter coats.

Assistance is provided on a first come/first serve basis. Proof of household income, Birth Certificates or other proof of citizenship and Social Security cards for all family members must be provided. Families must have an income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify. For a family of 4, this about $4,600 or less in gross income per month. The income amount varies based on family size. Families do not have to verify school enrollment for this year’s application.

Applications should be received by August 5, 2022 but will be accepted until 500 children are approved. Assistance will be distributed to approved families in August. Interested families may call 419-352-7566 ext. 8492 or visit woodcountyjfs.com to request an application to be sent by mail. Applications are also available to print on the website or to pick up at WCDJFS 1928 E. Gypsy Lane Road Bowling Green. Completed applications may be returned by mail or dropped off at the above address. The agency lobby is open M-F from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and a secure outdoor drop box is available 24/7.

Download the flyer below for additional information.

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Summer Camp Opportunities

LEGO Mission to Mars Click HERE for this flyer

Dates: June 14 & July 18

Time: 9am-3pm

Audience: 3rd-4th grades

Location: Fostoria Learning Center

Beginning Robotics Click HERE for this flyer


June 9-10 (5th – 6th grades)

July 14-15 (7th – 8th grades)

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: Fostoria Learning Center


Royal Summer Baseball Camp

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