Formally known as eduCannon

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What is it?

PlayPosit is an easy-to-use tool that lets teachers add interactivity to streaming video content from popular sites like YouTube, LearnZillion, TeacherTube, and Vimeo, among a number of others. Teachers can crop the length of the video, build questions or finish the "bulb" (the term eduCanon uses for a finished interactive video).

Throughout any video lesson, students can rewind to hear any part of the video again. They can't however, fast-forward, skipping ahead of what they've already watched. Through a dashboard, teachers can get data about students' use and performance within the embedded assessment items.

BEST PART.... it's integrated with Blackboard!!

Do we have access?

The district has already purchased the upgraded-institution version for teachers to integrate with Blackboard. It's super easy! Under Build Content, teachers are able to create an eduCanon interactive video within Blackboard!

Is this available on the computer or iPad?

BOTH! You can use it either way you want! There are benefits to both!

What do some of our teachers say about using PlayPosit in their classrooms?

"I have started to flip my classroom and have used EduCanon to create short videos for my students to watch as a homework prior to coming to class. The multiple choice questions are a great way for my students to check their understanding while viewing the video. I really like how user friendly EduCanon is and that it doesn't take a long time to create videos with interactive questions. Overall, I think EduCanon is a great resource for teachers to use to start flipping their classroom. I like how easy it is to import a video from a variety of sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Khan Academy." (B. Huth)

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