Biomass Energy

Trash To Electricity

Our Idea

We have an amazing idea to revolutionize our schools energy efficiency. By burning the trash we generate at school we can generate electricity to power our school.

Factual Information and What to do - A

We will use this machine to power There will be a big machine that will be fed from the dumpsters and will be burned. On the outside we will have a smell proof door so that the smell from the dumpster.We will put the machine in a area, a little far from the school.we will need to change the ground into concrete so the biomass generator doesn't sink. Above the trash there will be smoke. Streams of air will come and posh the rising smoke so that it turned the turbine. Then the smoke will be put in a bag so greenhouses can use it so their plants have a lot of co2

Implementation - B

We can use the trash we generate at this school as energy for a generator. The steam coming of the fire will spin the generator. As the generator spins it creates electricity. We can use that electricity for our fluorescent light bulbs here at CMS West. We will need to clean the generator every 3 weeks. Our janitors could do that. Before we start this plan we will need permission from the school.
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How Much Money it will Cost - C

It will cost $5,000 for just the biomass generator itself and for the installation costs as much as the generator ($5,000). So the total cost of the project would be $10,000.
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How Will We Get The Money - C

We will have a fundraiser like the one that is currently going on right now. We will also host a car wash, $15 per car wash. As well as if we need any more we will ask the school board.

How it will Benifit Our School - D

It is beneficial for our school because we can make the trash that we just throw away into electricity to run the school and not get trash into the environment and harm the plants. If we can turn trash into electricity it would make the price of electricity lower and we can use extra money to buy school material.