Team Formation Guidelines

Community Education Youth Programs

Teams are formed by Community Education using the following guidelines:

  • Regular Registration
  • School children attend

Teams are formed with children from the same school first. If there is no coach, or not enough kids from a school, those players will be combined with players from the closest school possible. In the 4-6 Grade House basketball league, 6th graders are divided as evenly as possible for competitive parity; however, they will be placed with another player from their school.

  • Balance of total team numbers

We strive to keep the total team numbers as close to even as possible across each league. Although 8-10 players on a team is optimal for the various leagues, teams can have up to 12-14 players on a team. In this case, games will have additional play time added to allow each player court time. With leagues that include three or more grades, we strive to have parity among teams with the oldest grade players.

  • Availability of a volunteer coach

Volunteer coaches are a vital part of our program. There are seasons where we have more teams than coaches. If this occurs and we have two volunteers at the same school, we may split a school to have coaches for all teams. This would only occur when there are a sufficient number of players to keep the number of school teammates three (3) on each squad.

Late Registration

Players registering after the registration deadline has passed, will only be placed on a team if numbers permit.