September 11, 2001

By Gus Moore


On September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers and Pentagon were hit by planes hijacked by terrorists. One of the planes were crashed into a field by the passengers to prevent anymore casualties. There is a lot of speculation of what truly happened that day.Only 1/3 of American's believe this story.
9/11 Conspiracy


The media is biased because they used the information that was handed to us by our government.

They never went to other countries to hear their side of the story. Also Bush gave his opinion a lot and did not put as many facts to his cases as he should have.

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Cultural Criticism is used because we believe that everything the media says is true. Also we rely on it too much. Other cultures do not rely on the media as much as the USA does.

Marxist Criticism because if you are wealthy people look up to you for answers. If someone has a lot of money does not always mean that they are the most intelligent. We need to rely less on their social class and more on if they are reliable.

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Media Portrayed the Event

The media immediately made it revolved around supporting the country. This drew people to support the idea of going to war in Iraq.

Later on when no weapons of mass destructions were found the media Started to bash President Bush.

Now the media says that 9/11 was just a huge conspiracy.

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My Perception

I think that the facts that our government told us are not what truly happened. I believe that the United States was apart of the attacks of the Twin Towers and Pentagon. The USA wanted to get into the war with Iraq and needed the country to support them so they needed a major event to draw us together as a country. But, we will never know what truly happened because the government is covering the facts up.
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