Local Education Council (LEC) Seats

The Local Education Council (LEC) is still looking for parent, staff, and community members for next year. The LEC serves as an advisory board for the school. We set school improvement goals, plan initiatives and events. The time commitment is 1 hour per month during the school year.

There are two seats for families open, one staff seat open, and two community seats open. Please reach out to me (Hayley at if you would be interested in joining the LEC, or know a community member who might like to join us.

Updated 21-22 School Year Calendar

2021 MCAS Schedule

Next week's testing schedule:

•Grade 3 ELA on Tuesday 5/25 and Math on Thursday 5/27

•Grade 4 Math on Tuesday 5/25 and ELA on Thursday 5/27

•Grade 5 ELA on Tuesday 5/25, Math on 5/26 and Science on Thursday 5/27

•Grade 6 ELA on Tuesday 5/25 and Math on Thursday 5/27

•Make-up testing date for all classes will be 5/28/21


I want to share that even after our most recent case of COVID in our school, BSE has maintained zero cases of transmission within the school building. This tells us that our practices of hand washing, social distancing, staying home when sick, and masking is working! Thank you to students, families, and staff for all your efforts to reduce the spread. Please continue to stay vigilant in keeping our community safe and in school.

We continue to offer Binax testing. I am reposting Nurse Long's letter about the testing here in case you would like to sign your student up.

As you may know all schools in the MTRS/HRS districts are participating in an initiative led by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Elementary and Secondary Education. This initiative enables us to offer Antigen testing to students who become symptomatic of COVID-19 while they are at school. This is strictly voluntary.

Starting Monday, March 8th, Buckland Shelburne Elementary School will have the ability to conduct a rapid antigen test using the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 test. We are not a general testing site. Eligible students are only those who are scheduled for in person learning or services and who arrive at school without symptoms of illness. Students who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 at home are NOT to be sent to school for testing. Please continue to keep your child home when sick or symptomatic and follow up with your pediatrician. Please refer to the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Screening tool before sending your child to school each day.

In the event a student does become sick or symptomatic during the school day, they will be assessed by the school nurse to determine if the symptoms are in line with those of COVID-19. Testing will be performed, if deemed appropriate as long as parents/guardians have registered through an online system called Project Beacon.

This test is free but does require that families register their child(ren) ahead of time with Project Beacon. Students will not be tested if the student is not pre-registered. Project Beacon has created an online platform and mobile app to compile authorized consent for the administration of the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 test and authorization to automatically communicate results to DPH. (In the state of Massachusetts all residents tested for COVID-19 are required to have labs reported to the DPH.) As always, your child’s test results will be kept confidential and handled according to district policy.

Registration is quick and easy. Tips and FAQs for COVID-19 testing registration

To register a student for Buckland Shelburne Elementary School click

Please be sure to put your Child’s name, not your name.

(If you have another child in a different school in the district, please wait for an email from that school as the code is school specific).

If a test result comes back positive the students parent / guardian will be notified at the time that they need to pick up their child. (Those who registered with their cell phone will receive notification via text from Project Beacon). Children who test positive will NOT need a follow up test to confirm. Parents / Guardians will be asked to follow up with their child's PCP. Close contacts of a positive student will be identified, parent / guardian notified, and close contacts will be dismissed.

If an antigen test result is negative, the student will need to follow current district policy related to illnesses and will need a negative PCR Covid test result or to stay home for 10 days before returning to in person learning. Please call 625-2521 or email with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Danielle Long, RN, BSN

Next Library Manager

It is with joy and excitement I announce that Ms. Whitsett will be fulfilling her lifelong dream and becoming our next school Librarian. Please join me in celebrating this change for Ms. Whitsett and for BSE.

We will be so very sad to see Ms. DeRicco go next week, but thrilled that our library will be well tended by Ms. Whitsett starting in the fall of 2021.

In the meantime, Ms. Brisson will be our Long Term Substitute in the Library until the end of this school year.

School Bus Rules

It has been brought to my attention that parents were not fully aware that the bus rules do not allow us to send "friends" home on the bus at this point, unless it is a routine arrangement. The bus seats are assigned (for example: if it was and every Monday situation, they would have an assigned seat on the bus). If a student comes in expecting to ride home with a friend the same day, we have to call home to make a new plan.

Report Cards and Next Year Class Assignments

Report Cards will go home on the last day of school. Students will get a letter or postcard midsummer from their next teacher to learn which class they will be in.

A Message for Rising Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Please get your registration packets in as soon as possible so that we can craft class lists for next year! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the school. Also, if you were unable attend the virtual events and would like to watch the recordings, they are posed below. We are so looking forward to next year!