The Meseoamerican News

BY Andres Peralta

Olmecs and their Food

The Olmecs(1200-400B.C.) were the first great tribes here in Mesoamerica, a lot of olmecs stuff has been lost since their first appearance here at Mexico but now we will tell you about their agriculture. Olmecs used a farming thechnique called slash and burn in which they set on fire the part they are going to plant and at the end the ashes acted as fertilizer.

The Mayan Government

The mayas back in time had developed a hierarchical government that was ruled by kings and priests. Mays lived in independent city-states that consisted of rural communities and large urban ceremonial centers. Mayas didn't had any standing armies but warfare played an important role in religion, power and prestige.
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The Aztecs Religion

The Aztec religion was the meseoamerican religion of the Aztecs, because like the other meseoamerican religions it included human sacrifices , in a connection also with a large amount of religious festivals that were according to the aztec calendar.

The Toltecs and their Archeology

Even though that the Toltecs are different people to the Mayas the Toltecs invaded the Mayas and their building architectural style is very similar to the Mayas. The toltecs architectural style is square and blocky.


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