A-Level PE Resources 2013-2014

PHED 1 & 3 Online Student Revision Workshops Recordings.

PHED 1 and PHED 3 Online Student Revision Workshops Recordings.

The recordings of the PHED 1 and PHED 3 Online student revision workshops are a fantastic student revision tool that can used to best prepare your learners for the PHED 1 and PHED 3 Examinations. The recordings allow your learners to get some superb top tips from a Chief Examiner. The workshops cover all of the key revision points and are an invaluable revision tool. The workshops allow your learners to be equipped with vital knowledge that can be used to help with how they can improve their grades. The recordings of the sessions allow you to watch and listen to the live sessions that were recorded in Summer 2012 and Winter 2013. Teachers/learners can use the resource at their own pace as the recording can be viewed whenever is most convenient.

There are two version of the recording available:

Digital link - The centre is emailed a link to the resource that can be shared with your learners for use. It is not possible to download this resource or put this copy on your VLE or centre network.

The other version of the recording is a CD Site Licence. This version can be put on your VLE and/or centre network for ALL learners/teachers to access.

You can watch a clip of a previous revision session below

Disc Content

PHED 1 January Exam. Session 1. December 2012.


    1. Question 7/Section B
    2. Current Government Initiatives
    3. Cardiac Physiology
    4. Blood velocity and pressure

PHED 1 January Exam. Session 2. Jan 2013.


  1. Learning theories
  2. Pulmonary Function
  3. Concepts and definitions
  4. Movement Analysis
  5. Gas transport and vascular shunt

PHED 1 Summer exam 2013. Session 1 May 2013.

PRODUCT CODE: Digital link: PHED300413DL. CD-ROM: PHED300413CD

1. Starlings Law and Cardiovascular Drift
2. Motor programmes – Open and Closed loop control
3. Blood pressure and Velocity
4. Roles of NGBs/Sport England/YST
5. Lung function
6. Factors affecting a pupils experience of school sports
7. Training methods

PHED 1 Summer Exam 2013. Session 2. May 2013.

PRODUCT CODE: Digital link: PHED130513DL. CD-ROM: PHED130513CD

8. Memory
9. Schema theory
10. Press-ups
11. Oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve
12. Government influences to increase participation
13. Levers
14. Insight learning

PHED 3. Summer Exam 2013. Session 1. May 2013.

PRODUCT CODE: Digital link: PHED150513DL. CD-ROM: PHED150513CD

1. 14 mark questions
2. Commercialisation
3. Olympic Ideals
4. Krebs cycle
5. Aggression
6. Support from organisations for elite athletes
7. Projectile motion
8. PNF stretching

PHED 3 Summer Exam 2013. Session 2. May 2013.

PRODUCT CODE: Digital link: PHED160513DL. CD-ROM: PHED160513CD

9. OBLA – Lactate threshold
10. Impulse
11. Characteristics of World Games
12. Injury and recovery
13. Deviance & drug taking
14. Social facilitation – Zajonc’s model and Baron’s distraction – conflict theory
15. Motor unit recruitment – Spatial summation
16. ATP-PC energy systems


Digital Link £75 + VAT per session. Any TWO digital links £145 + VAT. Any THREE digital links £200 + VAT. Any FOUR digital links: £265. Any FIVE digital links: £320. All SIX digital links: £375.

CD Site Licence £90 + VAT per session. Any TWO Discs £175 + VAT. Any THREE discs £260 + VAT. Any FOUR discs: £340 + VAT. Any FIVE discs: £400 + VAT. All SIX discs: £450 + VAT