Technology in the Classroom

Stephanie Tucker

Teacher vs. Student Technology Use

In our technological world, students and teachers alike find themselves utilizing technology more and more in both the classroom setting as well as their personal lives.


  • Grading Input- Submitting grades to the educational institution.
  • Assessment- Teachers are often assessed online, and also assess students in this way.
  • Presentations- In class presentations such as power point, videos, and visual imagery are often used during lessons.
  • Parent/Teacher Communication- Teachers can email and interact with parents utilizing validated school websites outside of school hours.
  • Lesson Planning- Educators can create lessons plans on their computers and keep them filed digitally for later use.


  • Educational Programming- Students are learning more and more through digital software that teaches specific lessons.
  • Presentations- Presentations are created digitally utilizing software such as powerpoint.
  • Communication- Communication with other students and teachers is often done utilizing email or specific school designated websites.
  • Collaboration- Students can collaborate utilizing educational online resources.
  • Testing- Many standardized, and even specific classroom testing, is done electronically utilizing computers.
  • Assessment- Many schools send home progress reports and report cards home electronically, and they can be signed and returned in this manner as well.


As technology grows, we are finding it is almost always available, and the internet is at the touch of everyone's fingers. Students are learning how to navigate the technological world at younger ages, and we are having to adapt with these changes. It is plausible to expect that as technology advances, we will see more and more movement toward digital learning, and collaboration. While students will still need to be able to utilize the applications gained through electronic mediums in the physical world, computers, tablets, and handheld devices are aiding educational growth, and helping with diverse learning styles and cultures.

Social Media Issues: It is important that teachers remember that social media is easily accessible, not only to friends and family, but to students are parents as well.

Addressing Student Needs and Overall Staff Development in the School Setting

Student Technological Needs

It is important for teachers to ensure that they are addressing the need for technological development in the classroom. Utilizing proper sources, and ensuring that students are educated in the proper way to use these tools academically is a large role of current educators. With the internet available at every turn, there is a fine line between proper use, and misuse, and it is the teacher's role to help teach student's the difference.

Technology and Staff Development

Just as it is important for students to properly utilize technology in the educational setting, technology also gives us the opportunity to promote staff development. Educators can collaborate with each other online and this tool allows for a more diverse range of learning techniques and tools. In addition teachers can find lesson plans ideas online that aid in different learning styles, and teaching techniques that can be brought to the school as a whole and used as a baseline for future units.


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