My Smore Flyer


5 Random Peoms

The poems

5 Poems


I thought I wasn't

Wrong, but I didn't know that

No one's always right.


She thought she was a bee,

Who couldn't flee

But she was a fly

Who could not fly.

Rhymed Couplets

Animals can fly from the bird to the bee.

People can talk from you to me.

You may be free, but don't talk to me.

I use the kite flying with glee.

I see the cloud lonely as could be.

But then there's me smart as can be. Free as a bee.

Blank Verse

I am not who you think

I can be superman Spider-Man

But you don't see I can be

Anyone you will see

You can judge me as you see

You will not hurt me I will not break

Might be small and measly

I wont always beat you in battle

Because I'm only me.


The absence of free.

The represent of thee.

The falling of me.

Cannot hurt me.

I'm free.

I Wonder

I wonder how people talk.

Who taught us?

How long did it take to learn?

I wonder if I can drive.

Can you teach me?

Never mind I hit a pole.

I wonder who brought us food.

How did they know they needed it?

What did they eat?

I wonder what a Dodo is.

It's a bird!

Could it fly?

I wonder when the ace trip is.

Where are we going?

What are we doing?

I wonder why we all lie.

Why do it?

Where will you get?

I used to be a fish.

I'd swim and jump and eat.

Now I'm a can about to get ate.

I used to think Patricia was shy

But now I wonder why I thought

I used to be free as could be.

But now I'm a kite stuck on a line

I'm not free but I'm flying.

But you know what that means