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May 2015

Sixth Grade Students to Visit Tohickon for Orientation

Dear Tohickon Families,

This is a great time of year! Throughout the month of May, we host several exciting events such as our spring concerts and Relay for Life. One of the events I look forward to the most is our Sixth Grade Student Orientation. This year, the event will take place on May 27th between 9:00 AM and noon. Sixth grade students from Pine Run, Gayman and Groveland Elementary School will be bussed over to Tohickon for the program.

The orientation program will begin in the Tohickon Auditorium, where our Guidance Counselors will welcome the incoming students and assign them touring groups for the morning. Once assigned, the sixth grade students will be guided by ninth grade students. The tour will take them throughout Tohickon Middle School, showing them classrooms, the library, the gymnasium, computer labs, etc. The new students will also have an opportunity to practice opening lockers, which is always one of their favorite things to do.

The sixth grade students will be brought back to the auditorium around 11:30 AM. Once seated, I will be speaking with them, along with Mr. Dudley and Mr. Pustay. This will be our opportunity to make that all important first connection with the students, leaving them with a fantastic impression of Tohickon Middle School. We will discuss "Tohickon Pride" and the importance of working together. We will emphasize our academic expectations and the importance of working hard each day. Mr. Pustay will discuss involvement and the options available to new middle school students. Lastly, and very importantly, we will talk about how Tohickon should feel like a second home. The event will conclude with Mr. Dudley and I asking trivia questions and handing out Tohickon gear to students. Students will depart Tohickon around noon.

The Sixth Grade Orientation Program will be a great way for the month of May to conclude. I am greatly looking forward to meeting our new students!


Mr. Kevin Marton, Principal


Earth Day Week wrapped up with Dr. Mackensen reprising his “King of Recycling” role and taking the stage with some very talented seventh graders, who performed two Led Zeppelin classics rewritten to deliver the message about Earth-friendly recycling practices. The band consisted of Nick C. on drums, Nick M. on bass, Patrick M. on guitar and back-up vocals, and Matt C. on lead vocals. A powerpoint projected the lyrics as the boys reinforced the message about recycling paper, to raise funds for Relay for Life, as well, as general recycling practices for the good of our planet. Another highlight of the assembly was “Ye Royal Recycling Games.” T shirts wrapped around cans, plastic bottles, and various kinds of paper were launched into the crowd using a special slingshot. Those who caught items came up to the stage to play “stump the recycler,” guessing which kind of bin they should put the item in. This exciting activity ended with a knighting ceremony. Handel’s magnificent “Music for Royal Fireworks” played in the background, while Dr. Mackensen knighted each student, using his special recycling scepter.

Besides the monthly fundraising offered by PaperRetriever. April has been a special contest month, with a chance to win cash prizes for production incentives. Tohickon parents and community have once again come through strongly for us, with the two green and yellow bins in back of the school overflowing with high-grade recyclable paper. We would like to thank the entire Tohickon community for their continued support, and the Tohickon student body for their recycling efforts in the classroom, as well as their enthusiasm during our assemblies!

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National Junior Honor Society Induction

On April 9th, 163 Tohickon students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Tohickon was honored to have State Representative Marguerite Quinn speak to the students about their role in the National Junior Honor Society and their role in the community. These students demonstrated the characteristics of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character. Students selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate those qualities during their time at Tohickon. As active members, students are given opportunities to share their talents and skills with the school and community. Congratulations to all our newly inducted members.

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Reading Olympics 2015

Tohickon Middle School brought three teams to this year’s Reading Olympics Event on Wednesday, April 8th, at Strayer Middle School, in Quakertown. Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading that motivates students to read a variety of books from a prepared list, share the excitement and challenge of reading, and talking about those books with their peers. The county-wide, quiz-style competition is the culmination of the program. Tohickon’s teams compiled enough points for two blue ribbons and one red ribbon.

May has arrived!

The month of May is full of activities. For your planning purposes, all events are listed chronologically below.

May 1

The American Red Cross Blood Drive will take place in the Tohickon Cafeteria between the hours of 3:00 and 8:00 PM.

May 8

International Food Day will be held in the gymnasium on May 8th.

May 11

The Spring Choral Concert will be held in the Tohickon Auditorium beginning at 7:00 PM. Tohickon artwork will be on display.

May 13 and 14

Algebra students will be taking the Keystone Exams. The exams will be held in the

morning, between the hours of 7:30 and 11:30 AM.

May 14

The Spring Instrumental Concert will be held in the Tohickon Auditorium beginning at 7:00 PM. Tohickon artwork will be on display.

May 16

Relay for Life will be held at Tohickon Middle School. The event begins at noon on the 16th and continues until 9:00 PM that evening.

May 21

Teacher Appreciation Day will be held in the Tohickon Library. If you are interested in making a food contribution for the teachers, please contact Ms. Crockett at 267-893-3303.

May 27

Sixth grade students from Pine Run, Gayman and Groveland Elementary will visit Tohickon between the hours of 9:00 AM and noon.

May 27

The Principal's Awards Ceremony will take place in the Tohickon Auditorium beginning at 7:00 PM.

May 29

Dorney Park Trip for selected musical goups.

Important Keystone Testing Information

The Keystone testing period will take place on May 13th and May 14th. During this time period, please encourage your sons and daughters to eat well and get a good night's sleep. The testing itself will take place during the morning hours, between 7:30 and 11:30 AM on the designated days.

Important Information about Cell Phones/Electronic Devices during the Keystone

Students are not permitted to have their cell phone on their person or in their belongings near them during Keystone testing. All cell phones/electronic devices should be kept in the student's locker during the testing period. This rule is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Possession of a cell phone during the testing period can result in fines "of no less than $750 up to $30,000 for a single violation." PDE asks each parent/guardian to "please speak with your child and let him or her know that the possession and/or use of a cell phone or other electronic device during the administration of the PSSA or Keystone Exams will result in certain consequences. Electronic devices include cell phones, smartphones, E-readers, Nooks, Kindles, iPads, tablets, camera-ready devices, and any other electronic device..." In order to make sure students do not have their phones on them or with them during testing, the Tohickon Staff will be reminding them several times, including immediately before the test is administered. Students will be given an opportunity to put their devices away at this time.

If you have any questions about the test and/or procedures, please contact Ginny Mee in the guidance office at 267-893-3310.

Community Service - Relay for Life Update

Relay for Life is quickly approaching! On Saturday, May 16th Tohickon will welcome over 5,000 people to the grounds of our school for this special event. The next deadline that our teams need to meet is on Monday, May 11th. By the end of school on that day, each team needs to have a fundraising average of at least $50 per person. Student t-shirts will be distributed in homerooms the week of Relay and survivor/caregiver shirts for the whole district will be available in the Tohickon main office on May 14th and 15th. On the big day, Tohickon’s registration time is 8:30 AM. Additional reminders about the event will be emailed to all registered chaperones later this month. Thanks for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact Thanks for your support!

Tohickon's Annual International Food Day

On Friday, May 8th, International Food Day will be held in the Tohickon Middle School Gymnasium. Several Tohickon parents will provide various kinds of international foods for our students and staff to enjoy. Students will be escorted from their World Language classes to the gymnasium throughout the day. This is always an exciting event for our students and staff.


Please feel free to stop by to see Tohickon artwork on display during both the choral and instrumental concerts.
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The Tohickon Jazz Band completed an outstanding festival season this winter/spring winding up with the Central Bucks Jazz Festival March 31. The Tohickon Jazz Band was awarded the highest level, superior, at each festival where ratings were announced, and received the “best rhythm section” award at two separate festivals. The following students won outstanding soloist awards at jazz festivals this year:

· Drew I. on trumpet

· Tyler S. on tenor saxophone

· Amy S. on piano

· Matt R. on flute

Social Media Awareness

Social media can be very beneficial if used for the right reasons. However, it can have the opposite affect if not used properly. It is important for parents to be aware of sites that some of our students are currently using to communicate with each other. This knowledge and awareness can be helpful when trying to help guide them in making the right choices. The websites we are currently hearing about the most in school are Instagram, Snapchats, Ask.FM, Oovoo, Vine, Twitter, Tumbler, Swipe, Flinch, Dub Smash, Amegle and Pinterest. If you hear these being discussed or see these sites on your child's phone or your home computer, it might be worth checking out. We are hoping that this information will be helpful to you, as parents and/or guardians.

Parent Council Meeting - Staff Appreciation Luncheon

The May Parent Council Meeting will be dedicated to the Staff Appreciation Luncheon. There will be no official meeting on this day. Our Staff Appreciation Luncheon is set for Thursday, May 21. Parents are organizing the event that will be serving our staff at three separate lunches beginning at 10:50 AM. Any way that you are able to help is greatly appreciated.

To sign up please go to:

Wellness Update

Spring has sprung and the Gardening Club is now meeting regularly. Currently, students and teachers are preparing and maintaining the garden, but summer will soon be upon us. We will be looking for some families to come in over the summer to help tend to the harvest. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Fox ( or

Ms. Crockett ( for more details.

The students at Tohickon worked extremely hard during the month of April on the PSSA tests. Due to their hard work and focus during the month, students were treated to an ice cream and berries treat at lunch on Thursday, April 30th courtesy of the Wellness Committee.

Just a reminder - pretzel sales are still occurring every Wednesday, to raise money for the Wellness Committee. Whole wheat pretzels are $0.75 each and are available at dismissal. Please help to support our efforts.

Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive at Tohickon Middle School on May 1st

Tohickon Middle School has partnered with the American Red Cross to participate in our annual blood drive. Please consider being a blood donor or recruiting people to donate blood on Friday, May 1st from 3:00 to 8:00 PM in Tohickon's cafeteria. Our school goal is to have at least 50 donors come to Tohickon on May 1st and donate for this wonderful cause. Please consider helping and sign up today.

Drive Details:
Site: Tohickon Middle School
Date: Friday, May 1st
Time: 3:00 - 8:00 PM
Coordinator Name: Bridget Pustay (Tohickon) and Nancy Taylor (Red Cross)
Coordinator Phone Number: 267-893-3300 and 215-687-8796

To make an appointment, go to and click "donate blood". Enter the sponsor code: tohickon.

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every two to three seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!

From the Nurse's Office

School Health Information for Students Transitioning to Tohickon Next Year

Welcome to the Tohickon School Community! There are many ways in which schools are similar, but I’d like to take this opportunity to share some important information that may help the transition to the 2015-2016 school year.

Elementary school health records are transferred to Middle School, but I encourage parents of students with medical concerns to contact the certified school nurse at

267-893-3315 to answer any questions regarding the management of your child’s condition while attending Tohickon. Medical Action Plans will be given to your child by the elementary school nurse in late spring. I encourage you/your physician to complete and return these plans in September.

Pennsylvania law mandates that all seventh grade students need a dental exam. This exam can be dated any time after September 1, 2014 and due October 15, 2015. The form is available from your elementary school nurse or on the CBSD website. Please feel free to send the complete dental form to Tohickon prior to September.

Pennsylvania law mandates that all students have the following immunizations for seventh grade entry: TDAP and meningitis. If the parent portal does not reflect that your child is in compliance, please contact your physician and send an update to the elementary school nurse or Tohickon school nursing office during the summer.

Because passes are needed for any student leaving the classroom, students who have chronic health conditions (migraine, asthma, sever allergy, IBS etc.) are encouraged to ask the nursing staff for a permanent “gold nurses’ pass”. This pass ensures immediate access to the nursing staff. In most cases the pass is valid for the school year.

In order for our nursing staff to administer medication (over the counter or prescribed), a written physician order and parent signature is needed. For your convenience the Medication Dispensing From is available on the district website. Please consider contacting your physician over the summer for necessary orders.

Because our campus is so large and students are involved in after school activities when nursing staff may not be available, I encourage you to consider the following information. State law and our school board policy permit students to carry emergency medications like inhalers and epinephrine on their person for emergency use with the following criteria:

  • The school nurse has the appropriately signed medication order
  • The physician documents: “student should be permitted to self-carry and self-administer for emergency”
  • The student passes a competency check

The transition to an earlier start time can be challenging to adolescent who take a daily medication and occasionally rush out of the house. It can also be challenging for busy parents. As a service to you and your child, with the appropriate medication order in our office, parents can leave a few doses of a daily med in the nurse office for “forgotten doses”. Our nurse would call you to verify the medication dose was missed and then administer.

Please submit all PIAA sports physicals directly to the athletic department. This physical is not part of your child’s school health record.

In closing, please feel to contact if our nursing staff can be of help to you and your child. Communication between home and school helps promote a healthy, safe and secure learning environment for your child.

Becoming Ill During the School Day

If a student becomes ill during the school day, the decision to excuse the student for the day is at the discretion of the school nurse. As a trained medical professional, this is one of the school nurse's responsibilities. Students should not be calling or texting parents/guardians to pick them up. If a student becomes ill, they must see the school nurse prior to being excused for the day. If this procedure is not followed, the student risks the possibility of an unlawful absence.

Colleen Fox, Certified School Nurse, or 267-893-3315.

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