Greek Is The Best

By : Lacie Harwood and Makayla Jones

The Trojan Horse

Have you ever wondered what the Trojan Horse was about and what the point was for it ?

Well here you go , After 10 years of fighting the Mycenae, they won by smuggling soldiers hidden inside a giant wooden horse into Troy. The tale was probably based on a real battle in the 13th century B.C.E . It was kept alive by the word of mouth during the dark age, before being . Helen knew the horse was a trick and eliminated the voices of the warriors wives in order to try and compose the oydesses kept them from the answer.

Prior to the Trojan War Achilles mother dipped in the river Styx from his heel making him

every other part of his body vulnerable . Because of the Trojan War Helen is known as the " face of a that launched a thousand ships ". The cause of the war was between Greece and Troy .


Music was very important in the daily lives of most Greeks .

There was music for many social events songs to celebrate a birth or lament , songs for farmers and warriors and athletes trained to the sound of pipe music . Only small fragments of the music have been discovered it is difficult to interpret what the symbols mean . here are some examples of some instruments that were played , Auloi or double

pipes they made of 2 pieces of pipe with a reed mouthpiece . The Auloi is played at the same time . The Kithara was a more elaborate version of the lyre . It was usually used by professional musitions .


356 B.C- 323 B.C

Ruler of the world died?

Yes our great and powerful ruler has died. He was young and dynamic. But who was he? I'm sure your wondering. He was King Alexander the Great! I know this is a sad moment. Alexander just recently died at the age of 33. Alexander has always been generous, even to his enemies. Even though he was he was generous, he was vindictive. He killed many people, thousands maybe millions! He even killed a friend in a drunken fight. That friend had saved Alexanders life years before. King Alexander became our king of Macedonia at the age of 20! He was our king for 13 years! WE WILLA LL LOVE AND MISS OUR GREAT AND POWERFUL KING ALEXANDER THE GREAT!


Hello ladies and gentleman if your looking forward to traveling anytime soon you should come to ATHENS!

Athens is a democracy. It is one of the most well documented democracy. Now if your a woman be careful. woman are not citizens.


We have a few job offering today for men and women lets start with the men's main jobs here they are, a fisherman a, farmer, a craftsman and, a soldier. here are the woman's main jobs here they are they were generally homemakers, they would take care of the children and cook all the meals.

Hope you can find a good job


Hello ladies and gentlemen, if your looking forward to traveling any time soon you should come to the city-state ATHENS!

Athens is a democracy. It is one of the most well documented democracies.

Now if your a woman be careful because in Athens you are not a citizen nor are slaves. Only free men are citizens! Crazy right? Well it is also one of the most important city-states. A council of 500 meets everyday to discuss business.

In the great city-state of Athens gold, silver, and bronze is used to make coins.

Oh yes, don’t forget about the amazing shops! inside the shops you may find beautiful pottery, furniture, or even a clay oil lamp! You may find a piece of pottery with the word Athens on it, maybe even an oil lamp!

OH MY MANY GODS! We are polytheistic. Meaning we believe in many gods.

Our gods and goddesses are

  • ZEUS

  • HERS












  • ARES


Again please travel to ATHENS!!!!