Sleep Is Good For Us

Sleep is one of the main things to a healthy life by Kevin

Problems Without Sleep

If you don't get enough sleep you don't have much energy. Energy is important for school and many things. Getting enough sleep is even important for your skin. With sleep your skin will be clear. Never argue before bed. Arguing before bed can cause stress.

Sleep Is Very Important

Sleep is a very important thing to do. Sleep makes you more alert and in a better mood. Sleep can make you feel better and even look better. Your body likes to keep a schedule. So it is very important to wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time.

Sleep Is Important For Everyday Ordeals

Sleep can make you feel happy. It helps with everyday things like work and school. As you grow older you don't need as much sleep as when you were young. You dont want to eat a big meal before you go to bed. This is bad for your health. You never want to go to bed hungry either.