Crane Courier

Week of September 15, 2014

Homeroom News

Students are really getting into the swing of things. Thank you so much for monitoring their behavior through Fun Friday tickets, and their grades through Progress Book. Please consider making a donation to the PTO through their Direct Donation campaign. This money will be used to buy Chromebooks for our building-- a much needed resource! I am still looking for a volunteer to run our Fall Party, and someone to teach Masterpiece Art third quarter in case you are interested. There will be a training session for the Masterpiece Art, so don't be afraid to say yes! The kids really enjoy learning about famous artists and trying out their styles.

Social Studies News

We will have a test over map skills and Ohio resources this Wednesday, September 17th. A study guide went home today, and the test will look very similar to it. Next we will study the first Ohioans to enter Ohio. Students will play a game that helps them learn how archaeologists work.

Language Arts News

This weekend, I entered two summative grades for Language Arts, so check Progress Book to see how your child did on them. The Unit 1 Week 2 quiz was an online assessment, so you won't see a hard copy coming home. I tried to put the skills students struggled with in the comment section. This week, we are studying nonfiction text, and focusing on comparing and contrasting. We are writing the first draft of a personal narrative, and trying to add rich sensory details.