World Nacho day

by Colin Madigan

This Day is nationally recognized by the United Nations

Every November 6th, food truck carts and vendors alike drop the prices on their beloved nachos. They think that World Nacho Day should be celebrated by more then just the people who continuously buy their nachos. The vendors think that everyone should enjoy the chunky sauce with the cheese pouring of the top, all on top of the chips. And it worked, according to some vendors in Los Angeles and Houston reported that they thought that more people bought nachos on that day than they had ever seen before!

History of Nachos

In !943, in Piedras Negras, a city just across the border from the United States, tired wives of American soldiers came to eat at a hotel. However, the hotel had just closed and the kitchen had stopped work for the day. But, the wives begged to be served, and eventually the owner relented and the wives got a meal. But, all the owner had was a little salsa, a few tortillas, some cheese, and some pickled peppers. From these ingredients, he created nachos. The wives raved about the meal and that kickstarted the now famous meal, Nachos!

Enjoy Nachos!

Next year is almost set to be the biggest World Nacho Day yet!

Why World Nacho Day should be a larger holiday

  • Nachos are well liked around the world and should be recognized for that
  • Let's face it, even vendors need a day off!
  • People have been wanting lower prices on their nachos, now they can get that

I hope you will celebrate World Nacho Day with me next year