Hurricane Notes

May 9-13, 2016

Good Morning Team!

STAAR is finally here and with that being said, we're almost to the end of our road. We only have 3 more Mondays before we’re done for the 15-16 school year.

So as we head into the home stretch, the blog I pasted below comes at a perfect time. This blog spoke to me as an educator, and I know it will speak to you as well. It is TRUE! We are exhausted, but this is the most important time in which we have to maintain emotional constancy. I say these words knowing full and well, they are a reminder to myself as well! I hear the frustration and exhaustion in the hallways and classrooms. Please remember, we are the professionals and the educators…we are the ones who have to remain in control and demonstrate emotional constancy.

We know this is an extremely tiring time and the closer we get to the last day of school the more anxious kids get. But as the statement below reminds us…

Let’s fight together, friends. Let’s end this year better than we began. Let’s cheer each other on tomorrow and the next day and the next until we hear that final bell ring. This is our calling. These are our students. They deserve our fight.



STAAR is here Monday 5-9, Tuesday 5-10 and Wednesday 5-11. Please remember to help our friends in 3rd, 4th and 5th by keeping your students' noise levels under control. Don't forget lunch will be provided for ALL the staff on Tuesday for Staff Appreciation and STAAR.

  • Tues- 5-10 1st grd to ArborHills
  • Thur.- 5-12 Great Lakes here to meet with GT students
  • Thur. - 5-12 Dig. Learn Comm. to meet 3-4pm in lib.
  • Fri.- 5-13 Hurricane Exchange 8-9
  • Fri.- 5-13 Tutoring officially ends.
  • Fri.- 5-13 5th grd to Six Flags
  • Sun. 5-8 Happy Mother's Day !!
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