Earthworm Dissection

Joseph Buks PAPBio 4/7/10

Lumbricus terrestris

Earthworms are a classified in the phylum Annelida. Annelida means "little rings" in Latin. Earthworms can have anywhere from 100 to 150 of these "little rings" better known as segments. An earthworm eats the organic materials in the soil that it lives in creating little burrows which allow the soil to aerate, and lets water and nutrients get deep into the soil helping provide nutrients for plants.


Students will learn about the internal anatomy of an earthworm. Students will also learn about the functions of earthworms in the environment and the organs and functions of the organs.

Interesting Facts

  • Earthworms conduct respiration through their skin
  • Earthworms are hermaphrodites
  • Earthworms can regenerate lost segments on their bodies