Steps to growing chocolate.

David Hamilton

Growing cocoa

Cocoa grows on trees, It also grows in pods.

Harvesting cocoa

  • First, a farmer take a machete and slices the pod off the tree, and then he cracks open the pods and extracts the beans
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Fermentation of cocoa

The beans are covered in banana leaves in wooden boxes on the groud and are left to rest for 5-8 days.
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Drying of cocoa

The cocoa beans are then left out to dry in the sun for a week or 2
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farmers the sell the beans to cocoa buyers and then the beans are shipped off to a factory's around the world
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Then at the factory the beans are melted and grinded into a thick paste and then are made into chocolate bars/candies
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Then the chocolate is sent to stores to be bought by the normal people
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