Voyagers Needed

Needed Men

we need men to come a a journey through the Canadian wilderness. You'll need to be able to carry boxes filled with furs, supplies, and other trade goods.You need to strong, brave, and about 22 years of age.You'll have to takes these parcels to rendezvous posts. Don't worry if you don't know where they are. The rest of the men in your camp will help you. Just stay with them and don't get lost. You can enjoy yourself by singing songs with your camp mates. To become a North Man they will sprinkle you with water and and have you make promises. If you're interested come to get your contract and licensed organized team today!

  • You need to be: strong
  • brave
  • have survival skills
  • and be about 22 years of age to start

If you are interested

Please contact us below if you are interested in becoming A Voyager.