Football Concussions

Do football concussion effect your life in the future?

Can Football Concussions Not Occur As Much As They Do?

Yes, but to do so many rules will be made. If done the whole NFL will be change in different ways.

Should Kids Be Allowed to Play Tackle Football?

If grown men are getting concussions from this sport, how can it be safe for little kids to play? This can be a problem to the growth of children. If kids are playing against kids there height, weight, and size I think it is safe to play, and it is the parents decision if they can play or not.

How Can a Concussion Effect Your Life In The Future?

A concussion is damage to the brain so it can be a very dangerous injury. Concussions will effect your ability to do many things in life. Having a concussion can effect your ability to learn. If this does happen it will be very difficult to do your school work or things you need to know for your job. Concussions can also effect your ability to react to things quickly. This can be a problem because you are almost never alert of quick situations.