Tropical Rainforest

By: Imari Jones & Alex Cook


  • The climate is typically the same all year.
  • It is warm and lush, It will be 70 to 85 degrees and stays that way day and night.
  • When it rains,the rain will fall from the trees and evaporates as rain somewhere else.
  • The amount of rain that falls a year is from 80-400 inches.
  • So it is pretty wet year round.

Soil Conditions

  • Many years of weathering and relentless rainfall have washed most of the nutrients of the soil.
  • The soil of Tropical Rainforest contain less organic matter and most organic material is found in the living plant and animal material.
  • When a tree dies in the tropical rainforest all the plants absorb the nutrients before it has a chance to be washed away.