Al Qaeda

By: Keith Robinson

Background/Overview of group

The group founded in 1989 by Osama Bin Laden and Muhammed Atef was located in Afghanistan and Peshawar, Pakistan. This organization is a terrorist group dedicated to opposing non-islamic governments with the use of force and by inciting violence. In or about 1991 the Al Qaeda leaders and Bin Laden relocated to Sudan until 1996 where they then moved back to Afghanistan. While Al Qaeda did work on its own it also worked through other terrorist organization under its wide spread umbrella.
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Key People/ Leadership

The Al Qaeda leader and "emir" (prince) was Osama Bin Laden who was killed by the U.S. on May 1, 2011. Bin Laden was also advised by the Shurna Council which is made up al qaedas senior members of an estimated 20-30 people. There are also councils that advise and approve military decisons under the commander.Also Ayman al-Zawahiri served as al qaedas Deputy Operations Chief ,but then took on role of commander once Bin Laden was killed replacing interim commander Saif al-Adel.
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Motives/ Ideology

While al Qaeda is a group dedicated to opposing non-islamic governments using violence and force. One of its main goals was to drive U.S. armed forces out of Saudi Arabia and Somalia. Also another goal for al Qaeda is to facilitate sharia law in throughout South Asia. However, in a speech given by John Brennan he highlights goals such as defending the rights of muslims and global dominance through violent islamic caliphate. Furthermore, statements from al Qaeda leaders does suggest they intend to do more then attack the U.S. Insisting that attacking the U.S. is just a way to achieve the goals they have set.
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Actions/ Events

There were attack and attempts on the U.S. on August 1996 there was a declaration of war. This declaration was especially targeted at the American forces on Islamic land. Before this there is a bomb planted in a garage under the World Trade Center in New York that killed six people and injured 1,042 people. August 2001, Bin Laden releases a tape threaten attacks on the U.S. , then on September attacks on the World Trade Center, Washington, and Pennsylvania kill close to 3,000 people. In 2002 Bin Laden threatens allies of the United States because of their support of the U.S. Overall, their most notable actions have taken place against the United States.

Successes/ Failures

Al Qaeda has been one of the most successful terrorist organizations in history, but has also had many failures. One of their successes is their attack on 9/11 that then lead to the U.S. putting troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another success is they were able change both what the middle east is and how it is viewed. However, Al Qaeda's big failures have come through most of their important leaders being captured or killed. Most notably Osama Bin Laden by the U.S. armed forces.
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