Friday Features

Back to School Edition - 9/10/2021

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome all of our students back in-person for the 2021-2022 school year. While COVID restrictions remain in place (mandatory masking, social distancing, limited access to the building to visitors) we are working in partnership with Mrs. Binford to make this a fun-filled school year for all and re-invent some of our school events to make them COVID-safe!

Please make sure to read the Friday Features each week for updates throughout the year on both school and community sponsored events! If you don't already, make sure you follow the PTO on Facebook and Twitter. These will be your best sources of reliable and verified information about BGS and a place for you to ask questions and get answers directly from the PTO and administration. Please see the bottom of this newsletter for links to our social media accounts.

Sign Up for the New PTO Platform

WE HEARD YOUR FEEDBACK! Our PTO is moving everything you need for the PTO to a new more user-friendly platform called PtBoard. This one-stop-shop is available via your web browser AND an app for your mobile phone. This is the same platform used by the Middle School PTO so you'll have a leg up on knowing the platform when your child moves up to the Middle School.

Already have a PT Board account from an older child or previous student? Great! You can use that same account to get connected with the BGS PTO.

We'll turn on a few features to start, including:

  • Online directory (available to paid PTO members) so you can set up playdates and have contact info for invites
  • Sign up for volunteer slots and events
  • Flood support to allow for donations to be distributed to faculty/staff impacted by the recent storms and flooding (see below for more details)

Here's what you need to do to get started:

Don't delay - get registered for PTBoard today!

Win an Amazon Gift Card

You're entered for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card each time you complete one of the following Back to School activities:

  • Register for PtBoard
  • Purchase a PTO Membership

We'll pick a lucky winner in mid-October!

Flood Relief Fund

Once you register for PtBoard you can make a tax deductible donation to our flood relief fund for Mrs. Heffernan (Miss Whalen) and Ms. Finnegan :

  • Mrs. Heffernan (Miss Whalen), a 4th grade teacher, and Ms. Finnegan, a pre-school aide, suffered catastrophic flooding during the recent storms
  • Scroll down on the PtBoard homepage to our flood relief fund box and click on the donation link
  • Collected funds will be evenly distributed to impacted staff members
  • As we become aware of more impacted staff members, we will include them in our flood relief fund distributions

Stay tuned for more info on how the PTO plans to assist

student families impacted by flooding!

The Book Fair is Here!!

With the delay of our start to school, the fall book fair is already here! Students will be shopping on September 14, 15, &17 with their classes.

To adhere to COVID safety guidelines, this year's book fair will be held outside. Teachers will be communicating when your child's class will be shopping. Don't forget to send in money for them to shop. This year you can also use an e-wallet to allow for contactless payment! E-wallet funds are immediately available for use at both the in-school and virtual Book Fair. Click here to setup an e-wallet.

Please check your email and your child's folder in the coming days for more details!

Get Involved - Volunteer to Be a Homeroom Parent

Kids love to see their parents involved at school. Consider volunteering to become a Homeroom Parent.

Homeroom Parents help us collect class funds, purchase teacher gifts, and assist with class parties (if COVID restrictions are lifted). Look for more info in next week's Friday Features on how to sign up!

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