Latexo High school prom!

What's on the menu??

Our food will make your mouth drop!

Come and try our delicious food. We have beef jerky, pickles that are frozen, NACHOS, Jolly ranchers, Gum, HOT DOGS, pretzal sticks, POPCORN IN A BAG!! EVEN POPSICLES! Best of all come refresh your self with the best soft drinks in Texas!

Our prices will make your jaw drop!

Our prices are so good i bet you will come back for seconds.

  • All sodas only cost 50 cents!
  • Beef Jerky cost .25 cents.
  • Pizza only cost a dollar a slice, and yes the best pizza money can buy.
  • Pickle pop cost .25 cents.
  • Nachos cost 2.00 dollars.
  • Jolly ranchers cost .10 cents a piece.
  • Gum cost .5 cents.
  • Hot dogs only cost 1.00.
  • Pretzal sticks cost .99 cents.
  • Popcorn-in-a-bag cost a dollar.
  • Popsicles cost .50 cents.

So just come on buy the snack shack and hang out with us.

You don't even have to worry about clean-ness we already got that handled.

Why are we the best in texas?

WE are the best prom cater in Texas. We will be there on time. Enough food to feed a herd of elephants!