KIndergarten News

Mrs. Knakal's Class December 6, 2015

Upcoming events

December 17th: School sing along at 2:00 P.M.

December 17th : Class party after the sing along

December 18th : Pajama day in kindergarten.

December 19th thru Jan 3rd Winter break

What is Happening In Kindergarten

Reader's workshop

In Reader's Workshop we continue to work on our reading stamina. We have been able to read quietly for 15 minutes. We are also working on learning to share information with our learning partners. This week we were sharing interesting things we found in the books we are looking at, and sharing questions we may have about the book. The children are doing a nice job discussing books with their partner.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's workshop we are learning how to sound out the words we would like to write. This is very hard work, because we do not always hear the letter sounds. Along with trying to sound out words we are looking at our work and seeing if we need to add any detail to our picture. If we feel our piece is complete we put it on the finished side and start a new piece. We have some wonderful writers in kindergarten.

Math Workshop

We have enjoyed learning how to represent numbers using ten frames. We have enjoyed math activities where we work by our self and other activities where we work with a partner.We are also learning how to count on. So if we see a full ten frame we know that represents the number 10 and we can count on from ten. The children really enjoy math and learning about numbers.

Hallway Champs

We were so excited to learn that our class won the Hallway Dragon for a week, This means we have been using good hallway manners when we walk in the hall. We are the first class to receive this award. We get to pick the next class to get the Dragon.

December Birthdays

Calista Moore December 22nd.

Leader In Me

We are working on Habit 4 : Think win - win

I balance courage for getting what I want with consideration for what others want. When conflicts arise, I look for a win-win solution.