Landlocked Laos!

The coolest country in South-East Asia!

Welcome to Laos!

Welcome to Laos, the only landlocked country in S.E. Asia! This is a place of woah, cool and wow! First things first- The capital of Laos- Vientiane. Population of about 6,677,000.

It's 91,429 square miles big. Climate- Monsoon Season-May to November. Dry Season-December to April. Temperature of about 34 Degrees Celsius.Did you know that Laos is about the size of Wyoming in the US! If you want lots of Coffee, go to Laos because it is one of the world's biggest Coffee bean producers. Anyway, moving on.

Laos Culture

Laos' most common culture is Buddhism. Even though Laos is quite small, it has some really cool sights such as the world famous Wat Phou temple which was built upon a high hill and dated back to the 5th century. Laos' type of government is communist, an extremely rare type of government these days. Laos has a lot of monks who go to lots of temples in Laos so it is a common sight to see men dressed in orange robes walking along the street.

Laos Cool Sights

Laos Landforms

Laos has a surprising amount of landforms. In northern Laos, there are a LOT of mountains. Not snowy topped gray and white mountains, but green, green and green mountains. These are called the highlands of Laos. Lots of indigenous "families" such a the Mon-Khmer family, the Sino-Tibetan family and the Hmong-lu Mien family roam around in these colourful mountains. Whether if you go south, the ground lowers making way for Vientiane.

Speedy Facts

-Laos was tagged "World's Most Bombed Country"

-Laos is around the size of the state of Wyoming in the U.S.

-Laos is the only landlocked country in S.E.A.

-When shopping in Laos, you can also pay with Thai Baht and U.S. Dollar as well as the Lao Kip

Sepak Takraw in Laos

This popular game in Laos is a game played normally by boys and young men around S.E. Asia. You use your feet to hit a ball made out of "rattan," a material often found around S.E. Asia. It is a bit like volleyball, but with your feet. In Laos, most people call it "thuck thay." Here is a video shot in Laung Prabang.
Sepak Takraw in Laung Prabang, Laos (Kataw)

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