Strum for a Day in My Combat Boots

A Day in the Life of a Combat-Boot-Wearing Guitarist

A Brief History of Combat Boots

The combat boot was originally created for men in the military and were referred to as "hobnail combat boots" because of the way they were made. The Napoleonic Wars created the first lace-up combat boots and were issued to replace buckle shoes in previous years. The official set of US combat boots was seen in WWII as part of the M-1943 uniform and were kept in American military until 1948. In recent history, many different groups of people outside the military have become interested in combat boots, the main groups being goth, punk, and industrial culture. Combat boots have evolved into a mainstream fashion accessory for many people and inspired many different outfits and fashion creations.

Strum for a Day in My Combat Boots

I grip the neck of my guitar. My electric Washburn, gorgeously black. I hold it in my arms, right arm slung over the side of it, ready to play each string. Hunching over it and sitting against the blue wall behind me, I steady my hands and prepare to strum each chord. Taking a few deep breaths, I play. One chord after another, followed by a few power chords. My song, the way it plays, the perfectly tuned beauty I hold before me, it fits together like perfectly molded puzzle pieces. All part of the life I choose to live, all part of me and my combat boots.

My Passion Connection

I picked the Combat Boot because I often associate combat boots with guitarists. My passion being playing the guitar, it is the shoe of my choice. I have played the guitar for around two months, and have discovered that it is one of the things I truly love to do. It makes me happy and entertains me when I have nothing else to do. I'm proud to call myself a guitarist, no matter how long I've done it.