Time to Save

Allison Skeen

To save or to invest that is the question we must ask our self's.

Some may ask them selves what is the difference between saving and investments. When you save you put about 10% of your paycheck away for a future large purchase. Where investing you put some of your money in a produced in hope to make a gain when you sell your stocks. If you develop a good habit of saving you will be able to save for retirement founds later in life.

Saving Plans from Huntington

Huntington has 6 wonderfully laid out savings plans to help you get to your end savings goal. my personal favorite plan from is the Huntington premier money market which allows you to grow your savings while still being able to right checks. this plan will take a small part of your check and put your money automatically into your account. you will be able to watch your savings grow and you don't even have to worry about it.