Butterfield News

October 17, 2016 Issue 9

The Week in a Glance

Monday October 17th:

Tuesday October 18th:

RAPS 360 Meeting with K-2nd @ 3:40

Wednesday October 19th:

Breakfast with Moms @ 7:30

Domino's Dough Raiser--PTO

Process Team Meeting @ 3:45

Thursday October 20th:

Limo Lunch & Fundraiser Super Party

Friday October 21st:

Purple & Gold Spirit Day


Third Grade-- Ms. Krebs
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Twitter Chat Topic

We will be talking about writing across the curriculum. I would for everyone to share their ideas and strategies for implementation, plus we can discuss successes or failures that you have experienced along the way. I am looking forward to this event and I hope that we have several that would like to participate.

FOCUS ON CKH (EXCEL Model-- Engage, the Greeting)

Please send your best greeter in your homeroom to the office to visit or show off their skills. You can send them anytime during the day to visit with Mrs. Howland or Mr. Beam. I look forward to seeing our Super Greeters in action!!!!