Firearms Examiners

Luciano Minervino

Education Spotlight

Some schools you would want to attend to become a firearms examiner would be UCLA, Boston University, and Loyola University in Chicago. A subject to major in at Boston University would be one of their criminal justice programs.

Job Description

Being a Firearms Examiner requires many different jobs to be done to complete their job successfully . They have to do the desk work such as : reviewing case notes , doing research on topics that you specialize in , and preserving evidence for the laboratory analysis and comparison. They also have to perform ballistics tests , photographing firearms , and coming up with clear theories of what happened.

Work conditions

The working conditions for a firearms examiners could be any where that they are needed. A gun could be used in a crime anywhere at any time.


You will need training in Forensics , criminal justice , criminology , and Biology.

personal characteristics

Personal Characteristics of a Firearms examiner would be , good people skills to talk to the victims or victims family. Must be calm at scenes , they could be disturbing . You would need a good eye to examine the guns. Good organization skills to keep track of all your cases and evidence.


Recent job job postings show that a firearms examiner earns between 38,236 and 74,901 dollars a year . Depending where in the country you work .