The Battle of Omaha Beach

By: Ethan Samuels and Gilliana Gaines

The Battle of Omaha Beach

In our opinion, the D-Day Invasion was the biggest turning point of the war. The most interesting part of the invasion was absolutely at Omaha Beach. Our hero is Joseph Lawton Collins. He was a general in the Battle at Omaha Beach. The reason he is a great hero is because at Omaha Beach everything began to go wrong. Everything and everyone was scattered all over the place. Collins returned everything to normal, and for that he is very brave and honorable. Collins wasn't just born a hero. Nobody even knew who he was before the battle. However, because of the circumstance, he had the chance to became a hero. Our box is built a little differently than others. The ocean becomes the beach and goes upward onto the land. Omaha Beach was a very interesting battle, and was on one of the turning point days of the war, D-Day.

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