Magnificent Mexico

By: Audra Siefert


This is a map of mexico, and its older times when it was with the mayan, aztec, and incas cultures. I chose this picture because it had what Mexicans believe they did believe in the aztec myas and incas. and with this it showed both what there state looks like and how it used to. The one to the left is a political map and the one at the bottom is a cartoonish map, Back when the myas, aztecs and incas were around.
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mexico is known for there fine foods, there dancing, and there festivals witch are both apart of there culture. Mexico and Mexicans speak spanish mostly and also english witch they don't speak as much english and spanish. They don't do rituals anymore but they used to sacrifice many people. some traditions they do are they dance, cook, parades, and many many more. most mexicans are christians and thats the god they believe in. They did believe in the aztecs, myas, and incas, And continue to. They have stores on the streets and some people rent out there homes to other people there are many abandoned things on the streets including children.

Agriculture & Industry

Crop production is the most important agriculture in mexico, it has been sense 1999. Sense Mexico's growing population has enlarged they have had net importer of grains. Mexico only has 12% of agriculture, witch is very little. Mexico is one of the top ten producers of fruit. Therefor many states want there fruit shipped to them. And they ship them for the money because Mexico is one that is low on money but is bringing more money back up to be a better place and starting to be a bigger society.


The climate of Mexico is warm summers and chilly winters. The rainfall that it receives is about 800 millimeters and there are times of the year when temperatures reach freezing point. There are many climates in mexico one of them are varies from tropical to desert. Mexico usually has good weather unless there is something going to happen, they are usually warned when bad weather is coming other than having to have it unexpectedly. They like there weather, where as we are not so happy.


Two of Mexico's landforms are mountains and rivers. The mountains and rivers are also a big part of there culture because it has to do a lot of stuff with and on them. they go canoeing in the rivers one of Mexico's rivers is the san juan river they do many stuff with this river. One of Mexico's mountains are the Popocatepetl volcano, Pico de Orizaba, and the Paricutin volcano. These mountains are the most important mountains in mexico, also some of them are the hardest to pronounce.


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I got my information from google, wikkipedia and safari.