The Kingdom of Morocco

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Morrocos landscape is chracaterized by mountain intieriors and many rugged desserts.

Morroco covers 172,413 square miles and is located at the northwest corner of Africa. The 102,703 square miles is obtained by the Sahara desert and there are two snow capped mountains in the middle of the country. Winters are mild summers are pleasant. The first settlers in Morroco were from southern Asia. The Alaouite Dynasty, that claims the prophet Muhammad, took control in 1660. Morroco sighned a peace treaty with the United States in 1787. It w as a peace and friendship treaty, Morocco was one of the first nations to recognize U.S. sovereignty. Sahara Arab Democratic Republic waged a war that was exspensive and and violent war against Morocco for developing on a region that was opposed by a neighbor. There was an effort to solve the problem  in 1989 and a cease-fire ended 15 years of fighting. Chamber of representitives became Moroccos first freely elected legislative body. The population is 34.3 million and growing by 1.5 percent annually. About  60 percent of the population ilives in Ubran areas. The main language is Arabic, although French has an official status and used widely for buisnesses.  The 60 percent of the population also speaks very many different dialects. The king is a spiritual and political leader, the women are barred to worship in the mosque (church) they usually worship at home. Women may cover there faces with scarves, but some do not. Wen entering a mosque, Moroccans cover their entire body with clothing. typicaly just wear shirts and basic clothing.

Reasons for a Revolution

There isnt much a need for a revolution seeing how the schooling is becoming more improved since the 1980's and the government. Seems to be all good.