Ms. Marsh-Weiss Newsletter

October 13, 2016

Pizza party tomorrow

Our class won the pizza party for attendance last month! The party will be TOMORROW during lunch, so please don't pack a lunch for your child (unless they dislike cheese pizza or have any allergies)!

Gala Venue

If you or someone you know can host an event for over 400 people, we are looking for an awesome venue for The 10th Annual Gala. Please submit the location, contact name, and contact phone number by October 14th

Chandra Feltus :

Jeremy Kahn:

Visual Art show Volunteers needed

We will have a Visual Art Show in the Spring this year that our Visual Art teacher Bret Alberson will be spearheading! It will be presented at the school and every child will have one piece of art that was made from Bret's art class included.

This will require quite a bit of participation from the Arts Committee and parent volunteers. They need parents to help mounting, matting, framing, and/or hanging the artwork. Also they need creative ideas to come up with how to present the artwork.

if anyone would be interested in helping with this amazing project you can contact

Brigett Levine at

Apple Fitness - Pledges due Tues. Oct. 18th

Fundraising is going strong!!

October 21st is the fitness challenge day! We are aiming for 100% class participation.

Pledges are due next Tuesday, Oct. 18. We are aiming for 100% class participation.

For those interested in helping out day of the challenge (Friday, Oct. 21) please sign up here:

Pledges can be made online:
If you have any questions, please email:

Week's Lesson

Technology- We started innovation with Rob last week and for the next 3 weeks the kids will be building simple machine

Art : Our art teacher taught mixing primary colors to create secondary colors. We introduced the art of Laura Burch to the children, she is known for her creations of abstract cats. The children made their own abstract cats using crayons and watercolors. They are also starting to create some Halloween crafts.

Library: Parents, Please make sure your kids are bringing back their library books

PE Thursday: The kids run laps and play fun games (Set the table, Pacman, etc.)

Readers and writers workshop: The kids are still concentrating on characters. And this week they are working on problems in stories and how to make a connection with the characters. They are also learning in writers workshop the term “Snap Words” which are words that they do not need to sound out. (i.e.Sight words)

** Parents continue practicing each week with your kids on their sight words.

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 17th - Coffee with Principal, 8:30am

  • Oct 18th - Apple Fitness Pledges Due

  • Oct 21st - Apple Fitness Challenge 8:30 am

  • Oct 27th - Benefit with Friends, The Comedy Store 7pm

  • Nov 3th – Picture retake

  • Nov 4th – Magnet Application Deadline

  • Nov 10th - Movie Night