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Thank You

Thank you for volunteering your time this year and setting up schedules within your time slots. If you have not set up schedules within your time slots yet, please look at the sign-up genius, here, and see who else comes at that time.

If you are just joining us, thank you for signing up at Back-To-School Night. Please take a look at September's news, here, and sign-up for a spot that works for you. You will need to be trained. Please contact Kim Nunn or myself to arrange a time.


Please be conscious when shelving books. The biggest mistakes made by all are putting books that have a special spot in with the general books. You can find the following special stickers on a book's spine:

  • letter J, for Junior, books start out our fiction section (if there is not a J, it is placed behind the Junior shelves in the regular Fiction section)
  • orange dots go near the palm tree by the stage and the ABC shelf
  • blue dots are on the ABC shelf
  • books with red hearts are on the angel shelf near the Fiction section
  • series books are at the very beginning of the non-fiction book

Please email Kim Nunn or myself with any questions