Google earth


The facts group- victoria

The facts group works on getting facts about google earth. We see what interesting facts we could find. We also, sometimes went on google earth and found out our own facts. A fact about google earth is millions of people use google earth each year. My opinion about google earth is that it is a google app to use in school subjects such as social studies and science.

Examples and Usage Group- Chris

Kids can use google earth to study maps,create 3-D models, read. Also, they can learn how to navigate on a map. Kids can explore historical news all over the world. Kids can use google earth in social studies for geography.

more about google earth

Benefits group- Brian

The benefits group gives all the pros and cons about why we should use google earth. Some benefits in google earth include being free, you can visit all the places you have wanted to virtually, and it can help you study for a geography quiz. Finally the benefits persuades in its own way by giving reasoning on why we should use google earth in class.

Want to learn about google earth?

Come to room 33 after school on Wednesday. You learn more than you already know about google earth. This will start at 2;55 and go to 3;45 (the late bell). This activity will help teach more and more people about google earth. Hope to see you there!