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Should kids be allowed to listen to music in class ?


I think kids should be able to listen to music with head phones in class because some kids can focus better and it blocks out all the distractions in class like all the talking ...


Many kids have family problems or social issues that may keep them up at night and by listening to music it can keep them awake during the day, instead of feeling the need of putting down their heads and taking a quick nap.

Statics show that 79% of students/workers listen to music while they are doing their job so that they can improve their productivity by keeping them focused on their job. Music is shown to help you focus. Music keeps the environment you are working in quieter because if everyone is listening to music they won't have time to talk to one another and create distractions.


Teachers have problems with the use of IPods because they think that kids may be using them to cheat and get answers from a friend more simply and easily.


85% say students should be allowed to listen to music in class

15% say students shoulent be allowed to listen to music