The Revolution

A Step-By-Step Guide

The Purpose

The main issue in the country of Mexico is poverty. You wouldn't be able to tell because the unemployment rate is low sitting at 4.25 percent. That's the catch, if the unemployment rate is low but the people are still living in poverty, the income must be low. People are being under payed and treated unfairly. Without money most people wont be able to afford schooling, healthcare, and even the essentials. Throughout the revolution this will change. Mexico will no longer be living in poverty. Wages will be increased and people won't have to worry about if they will eat or not.


We will need to have multiple ways to start this. Different ways that we need to keep away from the government. We need to be able to reach small towns and large towns. For smaller towns we will get the policia on our side with bribes and then go through the streets announcing our plans. In larger more rich towns larger bribes will be needed and we shall use the method of technology. News of this revolution will be spread throughout the country and the policia will do nothing but watch. Militar will be needed as well. The policia will need to get them on board. With enough power we will have a change.


We will try and keep this as less violent as we can. We may need to resort to violence if needed to get our point across. If we need to get violent we will need to involve the military because just us alone is not enough force to change the government. We first must make a declaration on the wages. Mexican citizens need to be making at least 15 pesos an hour and work a total of 6-8 hours a day. If the Government doesn't sign the declaration, a war will break out until we get what we want.

Life After The Revolution

After the Revolution Mexicans will no longer need to worry about poverty. They will be making enough money to live. They wont have to worry about buying food or having enough fresh water. After the revolution Mexican citizens will be making 15 pesos a day working a 6-8 hour day, this means they will be making between 90-120 pesos a day. If need be a new Government will be elected but if the present Government agrees then they will be able to stay in control. I guarantee life will be better and everyone will be happy.